Steering Committee


To develop and encourage a coordinated approach to ME/CFS research through promoting collaborations between its members and by promoting and raising the profile of ME/CFS research amongst stakeholders and patients.

Terms of Reference

  • To represent European ME research
  • To approve ME diagnostic criteria, based on ICC*, that is agreed by the European ME Clinicians Council (EMECC)
  • To communicate and disseminate ME diagnostic criteria for research and encourage its use in recruiting both adult and/or paediatric patients for fundamental research studies and intervention and clinical trial studies
  • Define the structure and agenda of the Working Groups
  • Identify multi-partner funding applications and identify lead centres/PI(s)
  • To develop and/or approve the scientific programme of the annual Invest in ME Research International Research Colloquium (IRC).

Meetings: Two meetings each year one of which will be held during the annual IRC

Working Groups


To represent the broad range of scientific disciplines used to investigate ME/CFS, and to recommend and promote the adoption of best practice in the use of key, fundamental technologies and techniques These groups and the areas they cover are neither exhaustive nor exclusive. The remit and need for existing or new WG will be periodically reviewed by the Steering Committee.

Terms of Reference

  • Determine what has been done (research project inventory/database) & what is needed; identifying priorities for new projects
  • Identify centres and research groups for research specialisms and expertise
  • Agree on standard operating procedures (SOP) and protocols that are published and disseminated via the dedicated EMERG website
  • To promote collaborations and avoid redundancy and competition
  • Reports to the Steering Committee


Representation from EMERG members with expertise in the use of key discipline-relevant technologies. Initial membership was established from amongst the attendees of the EMERG meeting held on Nov. 14-15th 2019

Additional Section

Membership will be reviewed annually.

Meetings: Informally as and when required (e.g. via video/telephone conferencing) and formally at the annual IRC meeting