European ME Research Group Early Career Researchers

The European ME Research Group (EMERG) is a network of European ME researchers who formed to collaborate and share knowledge in research into myalgic encephalomyeltis (ME) and establish high quality, coordinated and sustained biomedical research into the disease.
In order to build capacity and encourage early career researchers to consider making a career of research into ME the group has created Young EMERG - European ME Research Group Early Career Researchers.
The ECR group brings together the new wave of researchers to form a European support base which can facilitate collaboration with early career investigators in other continents.


An Early Career Researcher is defined an individual who is within a few years of the award of their PhD or equivalent professional training, or their first academic appointment.

Young EMERG is the Young or Early Career ME Researcher network formed with the European ME Research Group (EMERG) and is set up to support and encourage early career researchers in Europe to enter or pursue a career in research into myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

The network provides a single European early career researcher forum for those involved in, or interested in, developing a career in research into ME. A network where members can come together to discuss life as an early career researcher, where ideas can be generated and shared, and where collaboration can be developed to allow opportunities for those young or early career researchers who are already involved in biomedical research into ME, or involved in another research area which may be of relevance to understanding ME.

By collaborating across Europe we can harness the best talents from the best institutions who are intent on working together.
This will assist in building the capacity of research resources within Europe that is necessary for major discovery about this disease to take place. Importantly, it allows the continuation of research and creates foundations for making progress in the building of a base of European fundamental research into ME.

The Young EMERG Committee

The current Young EMERG executive committee is made up of the following members: -

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