We are proud to have Dr Katharine Seton - chair of Young EMERG - presenting her work on ME/CFS at the SPARK-ME event for early career researchers.

Dr Seton was the only presenter from outside of North America to be invited to present.

Also present in Washington at the event was fellow Young EMERG board member, Karen Giménez Orenga, from Valencia in Spain.

The Young EMERG group will continue to work with their American colleagues.

Uk charity Invest in ME Researc, who work closely with Young EMERG and also presented at the event, has provided an award to a young/ecr in the SPARK ME network to attend the Young EMERG workshop on 25 June during the International ME Conference Week being arranged from 25 - 28 June, at the Wellcome Genome Campus between London and Cambridge, UK.
The hope is to encourgae further the collaboration between Young EMERG a and the SPARK ME network.

NIH Symposium For Promoting The Advancement Of Research Knowledge In ME/CFS

The upcoming Symposium For Promoting The Advancement Of Research Knowledge In ME/CFS (SPARK ME) on December 11, 2023 is being held on the campus of the National Institutes of Health in Washington, USA
This symposium is open for investigators doing research on ME/CFS who are currently undergraduates, graduate students, postdoctoral and clinical fellows, and early career investigators (individuals who are in the first years of a faculty position).

More details at - https://event.roseliassociates.com/me-cfs-symposium/ for more information about the symposium.

The NIH ME/CFS Research Conference on December 12-13 will be open to the public.

Since the Young EMERG workshop in UK in June the Young EMERG team have been in discussions with their USA colleagues and NIH and it is hoped this teamwork will continue in the future.
The Spark ME logo also has an affinity to the Young EMERG logo that was created prior to the UK Workshop.